Our equipment

Pioneers in innovative and original designs of facility trailers and technical trucks, Translux is regularly consulting the people that use them to ensure the highest standards of luxury, comfort and practicality are met when we are expanding and updating our fleet. We offer an extensive variety of Artist trailers and a wide range of high-quality options for all departments including: Costume, Makeup & Hair, ADs, Production, Camera, Grip, Electrical, SFX, Construction, Props, DIT, Sound / Video and many more.

Executive Artist Trailer
Technical Truck
Hair and Makeup Trailer
Artist Trailer
Production Office Trailer
3-way Artist Trailer
Producers Trailer
5th Wheel Artist Trailer
Costume Trailer
2-way Artist Trailer
Honeywagon Trailer

Our full fleet of Production facility trailers and technical trucks


Costume Artic Trailers
Crowd Costume Artic Trailers
Railed Artic Carriers
7.5T -18T Costume Standby Trucks Costume / Makeup Split Trucks
Railed Costume Support Trailers
Drying Room Trailers
Laundry Trailers
Crowd Changing Trailers
18T Railed Trucks

Hair & Makeup

9 Position Artic Hair & Makeup
9 Position Hair & Makeup Trailers
8 Position Hair & Makeup Trailers
6 Position Artic Hair & Makeup Trailers
6 Position Hair & Makeup Trailers
Hair / Makeup Support Trailers
Wigs Trailers
Prosthetics Trailers

Office Space

10 Position Production / ADs Office Trailers
8 Position Production / ADs Office Trailers
Transport Office Trucks
VFX Office Trailers
Editing Trailers
Screening Trucks
Screening Trailers
Covid Offices


Executive fifth Wheel Artist Trailer
Grandlux fifth Wheel Artist Trailers
Fifth Wheel Artist Trailers
Executive Single Artist Trailers
Assisted Access Artist Trailer
Single Artist Triple Slide Out Trailers
Single Artist Double Slide Out Trailers
2-way Artist Trailers
3-way Artist Trailers
4-way Artist Trailers
Stunts / Grooms / Daily Trailers
Gym Trailers

Producer Trailers

Executive Producer Trailers
Producer Triple Slide Out Trailers
Producer Double Slide Out Trailers
2-way Producer Trailers
2-way VFX Trailers

Honeywagons & Diners

Honeywagon Trailers
Honeywagon Trucks
Shower Unit Trailers
Single Decker Dining Trailers
Double Decker Dining Trailers
School Room Trailers


Generator Tow Units
Generator Trailers
Gullysucker Tow Units
Waterbowser Tow Units
Waterbowser Trailers
Split Tank Gully / Bowser Tow Units
Support Trucks
Support Trailers
Tractor Units


Camera Trucks
Grip Trucks
Construction Trucks
Electrical / Lighting Trucks
Props Trucks
SFX Trucks
Armoury Trucks
Greens Screens Trucks
Stunts Trucks
Location Trucks
Empty Box Trucks
Luton Vans
Sound Trailers
Video Trailers
DIT / DAT Trailers
VFX Trailers
Stunts Trailers
Covid Trucks

For more information on any of the above equipment, including pictures, specs and floorplans, please contact our office using the details below.

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